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This is a website that celebrates music in all it’s physical forms. 

Here you will find reviews of classic albums, box sets, discover rare releases and get recommendations on which CD remasters or vinyl editions you might like in your collection..

Many of our reviews are in video form so you can see the actual vinyl albums and CDs being discussed. Our visitors love this as you get a look inside the box sets to see the extras included.  Where we can we also include memorabilia and the stories behind the album and what was going on at the time the album was released.

If you want us to feature or review a specific album / Box Set just get in touchPhil Aston 

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Halford :Resurrection : 2000 – Album Review

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Porcupine Tree Lightbulb Sun (2000) Album Review

My favourite Porcupine Tree album and a desert island disc. I remember first listening to this album on my MP3…

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