Alice Cooper : Killer and Schools Out : Super Deluxe Edition Vinyl Sets : Detailed Reviews

Alice Cooper : Killer and Schools Out : Super Deluxe Edition Vinyl Sets : detailed Reviews

Alice Cooper is still force to be reckoned with, but back in the early 70s he released four consecutive platinum albums and five Top 40 hits, including classics like “I’m Eighteen,” “School’s Out,” “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” and “Elected.”
This video looks at ‘Killer’ (1971) and ‘School’s Out’ (1972) both newly remastered with, rare recordings, and previously unreleased live performances.

‘Killer,’ the fourth studio album recorded by the founding quintet of Alice Cooper, was released in 1971. Produced by Bob Ezrin, who was at the helm of all four of Alice Cooper’s platinum albums from the 1970s, ‘Killer’ includes the singles “Under My Wheels” and “Be My Lover,” along with “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,” “Desperado,” and the prog-rock-inspired epic “Halo Of Flies.” The Deluxe Edition introduces a newly remastered version of the original release, bonus material featuring alternate takes, and an unreleased live recording of the band’s performance at Mar Y Sol Pop Festival in Puerto Rico on April 2, 1972.

‘School’s Out’ (Deluxe Edition) The Deluxe Edition contains rarities like the single versions of “School’s Out” and “Gutter Cat vs. The Jets,” two previously unreleased tracks, and a recording of Alice Cooper’s concert in Miami on May 27, 1972.

The vinyl versions for both Deluxe Editions recreate the original album sleeves down to the smallest detail. For ‘Killer,’ that means a gatefold sleeve that opens to reveal a detachable 1972 calendar with a photo of Cooper in the gallows. The cover of ‘School’s Out’ looks like a wooden school desk and opens to reveal the LP wrapped in a pair of panties. The band stopped including the underwear following a controversy as to whether or not they were flammable. Thankfully, the lacy unmentionables in the new Deluxe Edition are not a fire hazard.

Both sets come with booklets that include track-by-track commentary by band members and former Creem Magazine editor Jaan Uhelszki, plus liner notes by Bill Holdship, also a former Creem Magazine editor. In ‘Killer’ (Deluxe Edition), Holdship writes: “Listening to Killer again after all these years to write these notes was rewarding because, like The Beatles and Elvis, it’s gratifying to realize I ended up ‘wasting’ my life on something that, even in retrospect, really was that great. Fifty years later, Killer remains a perfect – perfect! – rock ’n’ roll record.”

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