Blood Incantation Timewave Zero Album Review

Blood Incantation : Timewave Zero : Album Review
Vinyl and CD Edition 2022

Please watch the video for the full review

This the second time I have featured Blood Incantation on the Now Spinning Magazine Channel. The first time was with ‘Hidden History Of The Human Race’ which was a Death Metal, PROG, Pink Floyd journey for the senses. This one is completely different and I mean completely different!

I do love bands that turn left when everyone thinks they are to turn right or carry on with little variation to where they went next. This is like being drawn back in time to those early Tangerine Dream albums from the 70s. However this is no nostalgia fest but a modern approach to ambient keyboard based music that I have been playing every week since it arrived.

It is getting mixed reviews online as it is such a departure from what went before but is it really? I can see the seeds for this in the previous album and this a real treat for the ears.

Very groovy!

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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