Bob Seger and the Last heard – Heavy Music – The Complete Cameo Recordings 1966 – 1967 – Review

I absolutely love Bob Seger and find his voice compatible with Paul Rodgers, in fact, he did cover The Stealer by FREE on his Back in 1972 album. This album has been spinning most days this week. It is a very short album coming in at about 25 mins but the price point reflects this. The music is superb and the hear the quality, tone and emotion in Segers young voice here is just incredible. I do hope this is the start of a Bob Seger re-issue program!

Heavy Music (Part 1) 2:41
East Side Story (Vocal) 2:27
Chain Smokin’ 2:46
Persecution Smith 3:04
Vagrant Winter 2:21
Very Few 2:24
Florida Time 2:01
Sock It To Me Santa 2:14
Heavy Music (Part 2) 2:50
East Side Sound (Instrumental) 2:27

This video is part of a new series of album reviews where I talk about what I am playing at the moment. Some may be my album of the week (or even of the day!).

The usual unboxing blockbusters and best version videos and still being worked on but by doing some of these shorter videos I can hopefully increase the number of videos that I upload.

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Bob Seger and The Unheard Album Review

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