Bullet Boys The Warner Albums 1988 – 1993 Review and Unboxing

Watch the video above for the full review

This is a video review of the H.N.E Recordings 3CD Box Set for the Bullet Boys. This covers the albums they made when signed to Warner Brothers between 1988 and 1993.

Being signed to Warner Brothers meant they were produced by Ted Templeman. So the guitar sound and production bring in all the best of Van Halen and Montrose.

The production is 10/10. Musically it is not far off either. Lyrically the first album especially is of its time but you can see how the band progress as they navigated the changing times from the end of the hair metal 180and the Grunge period of the early 90s.

The Box Set includes

  • CD1 Bullet Boys (1988)
  • CD2 Freak Show (1991)
  • CD3 Za-Za (1993)

The set also comes with a well-researched booklet with interviews with the band by the late Malcolm Dome.

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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