Cactus : The Birth of Cactus 1970 Album Review

Cactus : The Birth of Cactus 1970
Recorded Live May 16th 1970 – Purple Pyramid Records 2022

(Please watch the video for the full review).

In this video, I also talk about how I discovered Cactus and mention the following albums.

The First Great Rock Festivals of The Seventies (3LP Vinyl) 1970
Cactus : Cactology : The Cactus Collection : 1996
Cactus : Barely Contained : The Studio Sessions 2CD : 2013
Cactus: Fully Unleashed – The Live Gigs 2CD : 2013

Cactus were described as the USA’s answer to Led Zeppelin and I believe that could have been huge. This new live recording of their first ever gig is just stunning. The band are simply on fire. The version of ‘No Need To Worry’ is so full of raw emotion.

Rusty Day – vocals, harmonica
Jim McCarty – Guitar
Tim Bogart – Bass, vocals
Carmine Appice – Drums, vocals

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