Caravan : The Essential CD Box Sets and Deluxe Editions

A short while ago we featured the huge Caravan Box Set produced by Madfish Records. I wanted to offer an alternative for fans of this quintessential English PROG band who may want to buy their music but feel they cannot justify the outlay for the Madfish box.

In this video I cover

In the Land of Grey and Pink (40th Anniversary Edition) 2011
2CD / DVD – Steven Wilson 5.1 Mix

The World Is Yours – The Anthology 1968 – 1976
4CD Box Set (2010)

The Decca / Deram Years (An Anthology) 1970 – 1975
9CD Box Set (2019)

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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A A Matthews
A A Matthews
1 year ago

A fair review in my opinion.
The problem for many of us long time followers of Caravan, from 1973 in my case, is that the target audience for these sets is that we already own the stuff! I personally have no interest in buying another copy , be it in mono / stereo/ Wilson remix / etc . What I and many others want is to purchase the previously unreleased live shows. So whilst Fairfield Halls Live is a great album I don’t need another one !
Many collectors/ aficionados of the band will feel disappointed that those who have supported the band via tickets, records etc have not been offered the opportunity to purchase the unreleased material .

I would be interested to receive comments on this subject

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