Cats In Space Greg Hart- The Now Spinning Magazine Podcast

Cats In Space / Greg Hart : Now Spinning Magazine Podcast.
Greg Hart is the guitarist and main writer with UK Rock band Cats in Space.
The band are currently on tour promoting their new album ‘KickStart The Sun’.

This is an exciting interview from an exciting band. Each of their albums has built on the one before and this latest one is a true classic. This is music to make you feel good, punch the air and restring your air guitar…and the vocals…just wow!

If you are new to the band you might hear elements of Queen, ELO, Cheap Trick, Styx, Kansas, Pilot, 10cc, Robbie Williams, Uriah Heep, New England, Supertramp, City Boy, 70s disco synths and a lot of Musical Theatre…

The songs build into a tsunami of power and emotive energy. Feeling down? put on the Cats in Space.

Cats in Space have toured with Deep Purple, Status Quo, Blue Oyster Cult & Thunder playing UK arenas, plus Hyde Park with Phil Collins and Blondie. Cats in Space are that rare band that can cross over genres and appeal to anyone.

For more information on Cats in Space Click Here

Thank you for all your support

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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Ian Sadler
Ian Sadler
1 year ago

Phil, Thanks for this podcast. Great to see Cats in Space getting some more publicity. With their sound, they should be playing far larger venues to bigger audiences. I will be at their experimental theatre show in Milton Keynes on Saturday 17th December and thoroughly looking forward to it. Will be great to read any subsequent reviews/interviews on this site. Keep up the good work!! Cheers Ian

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