CD Sales see a Mini Boom in the UK and climb in the USA

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CD Sales see a Mini Boom in the UK and climb in the USA – Vinyl sales see huge growth. Q2 Stats

As you know Now Spinning Magazine is all about celebrating physical music. I also take a keen interest in how all physical formats from vinyl, CD and cassette are doing with regards to actual sales.  This video looks at CD and vinyl sales in the UK and USA.

As you can imagine vinyl sales are doing incredibly well but what you might not expect is that CDs also saw growth of over 26.6% in the UK in Q2 2021.  (in the USA CD sales grew by 2.2%)

In fact, a stat that many record company execs might have not predicted is that physical albums sales outperformed streaming growth for the first time with an uplift of 34% against 10% for streaming.

Vinyl sales in the UK grew by nearly 60% to 1,271,699. But the other thing that I think is fascinating is we are seeing a mini-CD boom in sales, CD sales rose by 26.6% to 3,151,130 which is the first increase in CD sales in years.

In the USA streaming grew by 15%, so 5% More than the UK but vinyl sales grew by 108% pushing sales to 19.2 million albums up from 9.2 million. CD sales have also stabilised and grew by 2.2%, to 18 point 9 million CDs sold,

There are now a lot more younger people starting to buy physical albums as well!

If you find this video interesting please let me know in the comments and I will make it a regular update.

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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