Crushed By Waves 'More To Life' (2024) Album Review

Crushed By Waves ‘More To Life’ (2024) Album Review

Crushed By Waves are a North West UK based foursome that are going places.

They have been making er…waves (sorry) on the underground circuit since releasing their first music in 2020, and doing a fine job in the modern day music industry of directly marketing themselves to an ever expanding audience on Instagram, Youtube and Spotify, among others. They have already been rubbing shoulders with the likes of SleepToken, Metallica and more at festivals over the UK. This seems VERY likely to continue.

But this is no group of young upstarts in need of an attitude adjustment. There is a respect for the giants that have have come before here that shines through the songs.

Crushed by waves are an alternative rock band for the modern age, with influences from new metal and beyond. Not afraid to experiment, but with a strong melodic focus from bands they have grown up with.

‘Nothing Left’ opens. The new metal influence is strong but the hookline is stronger and will have you singing along for hours after. And that’s how it. continues, ‘You Know’,’ Won’t Get Out Alive’, ‘More To Life’, with choruses that start by filling your speakers, then the room, then your local venue and next, surely, arenas across the globe. By the end of the album every chorus sounds bigger than god and global domination must surely be the goal.

Singer Arran Prime sings mostly ‘clean’ vocals but there are some ‘screamo’ vox for emphasis as the album builds to its climax, but everything works just right. Every member plays their part, but they do seem to have a very handy drummer in Tom West.

My only concern is, do they have the management take them where they deserve to go? I hope so, because the potential for CBW to break the US market in the style of Def Leppard is clear to be seen. Everything just sounds and looks right for these times.

At just 33 minutes, ‘More To Life’ is a relatively brief, but very bold debut statement of intent, from a band who seem unlikely to be Crushed By Waves and more likely to ride the crest of one for the rest of 2024 and beyond.

Check them out on Spotify and Youtube but if you can, support the band by buying ‘More To Life’ on CD from and look out for more tour dates.

Chris McGlyn | Now Spinning Magazine

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