David Hepworth : Deep 70s : Underrated Cuts From a Misunderstood Decade : 2LP Vinyl Review

“Deep 70s: Underrated Cuts from a Misunderstood Decade” – Compiled by David Hepworth
This double LP is a journey through the essence of a decade rich in musical diversity and innovation and contains quite a few surprises.

The 1970s hold a special place in my heart, arguably my favorite decade for music. It was a time of exploration, boundary-pushing, and genre-blending, aspects that David Hepworth masterfully encapsulates in this compilation. The collection spans 24 tracks across four themed LP sides, each meticulously curated to represent the depth and breadth of the era. (There is also a 4CD Version with a book)

While not a gatefold, the twin-pack sleeve houses two clear vinyl records and features extensive notes on each track written by Hepworth himself. This thoughtful inclusion provides a deeper understanding and appreciation of the songs selected for example on Side One (Young Americans)  with excellent selections from Jesse Winchester, Greg Allman and John Prine.

Hepworth’s selections traverse the landscape of the 70s, from the rock and roll energy of “Beer Drinkers” to the soulful introspection of “Blue Boar Blues.” Each side of the album offers a distinct theme, showcasing the versatility and richness of the decade’s music. Noteworthy tracks include Freddy King’s “Going Down,” Status Quo’s “In My Chair,” and the motors’ “Dancing the Night Away,” each chosen for their unique contribution to the tapestry of 70s music.

David Hepworth’s role as a musicologist and his profound understanding of the decade’s cultural and musical significance shine through in this compilation. His commentary not only enriches the listening experience but also challenges us to explore beyond our musical comfort zones. Hepworth’s previous work, such as the acclaimed book “1971: Never a Dull Moment,” has already established his knack for highlighting pivotal moments in music history. “Deep 70s” continues this tradition, inviting listeners to rediscover the decade’s overlooked gems.

“Deep 70s: Underrated Cuts from a Misunderstood Decade” we are reminded of the 70s’ enduring legacy and its impact on the music that followed. Whether you’re a lifelong fan of the decade or new to its sounds, this double album is an excellent offering.



Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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3 months ago

[…] had already provided an in-depth look at the vinyl version of this collection, emphasizing the thoughtful presentation and high-quality pressing of the records. However after […]

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