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Del Bromham from Stray is a true Rock And Roll Survivor!

The Now Spinning Magazine Podcast – Episode 17
In this Podcast Dell Bromham talks about all the ups and downs of life in a rock band from the 60s to the present day.
He talks about his first band and learning his musical apprenticeship playing the clubs at the age of fourteen years in his brothers group.

Constantly on tour with Stray he recalls headlining the Roundhouse, singing to Transatlantic Records and goes through each Stary album. There are memories of supporting Kiss and Rush, meeting the Mafia, his associations with Wilf Pine and Charles Kray (elder brother of the infamous Kray twins) at the offices of the equally infamous Don Arden, along with Arden’s daughter Sharon (who became Osbourne).

Del also talks about his solo career, The Bromham Verity Band, his new autobiography and the new Stray Album.

The interview is about 1.5 hours long but I felt it should go out unedited as Del is such a wonderful storyteller – enjoy!

Order Del’s Autobiography

Official Stray Website

Del Bromham Website 

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