Denny Laine Tribute

Tribute to Denny Laine: Celebrating a Rock and Roll Icon

Often seen as one of the best supporting musicians in the industry, Denny’s contributions have been pivotal in shaping the sound of several iconic bands.

Denny Laine’s career is a testament to the vital role that supporting artists play in the music industry. These musicians, though not always in the limelight, are integral to the bands and music we love. They are the names we come across in sleeve notes, interviews, and music press – always there, contributing their unique talents to the tapestry of rock music. Denny was one such artist, whose presence was felt across various projects and collaborations.

To honor Denny’s memory, I’ve chosen two albums that I believe encapsulate his immense talent and contribution to music. These selections are not just for long-time fans but also for younger listeners or those unfamiliar with his work, offering a gateway to understanding and appreciating his artistry.

The Moody Blues – The Magnificent Moodies: This album takes us back to the mid-60s when The Moody Blues were more of a soul band, before they transitioned into the symphonic, prog-rock sound they’re known for. This double CD version by Esoteric Records is a fantastic representation of Denny’s early work and showcases the band’s original style.

Wings – Wings Across America: This live album, originally a triple vinyl set, now available as a two-CD version, covers the breadth of Wings’ repertoire. It’s a comprehensive collection of some of their best songs, including favorites like “Silly Love Songs” and “Lady Madonna.” It’s my second pick to remember Denny, as it captures the essence of his time with Wings.

Wings – Band on the Run: As a third recommendation, “Band on the Run” is an obvious choice for its popularity and significance in Wings’ discography. It’s an album that resonates with many and showcases some of Denny’s best work with the band.

Denny Laine’s music lives on, and it’s important for us to celebrate his legacy. Rather than focusing on the sadness of his passing, let’s appreciate the incredible music he’s left behind. For those new to his work, I encourage you to explore these albums, immerse yourself in the music, and appreciate the artistry that Denny brought to the world of rock and roll.

This tribute is dedicated to Denny Laine’s family, friends, and fans worldwide. His music will continue to inspire and bring joy to many.

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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