Jethro Tull : Broadsword and The Beast : 40th Anniversary Monster Edition : Unboxing Review

Jethro Tull’s “Broadsword and the Beast”: A Deep Dive into the Deluxe Box Set Edition

Jethro Tull, a name synonymous with classic rock and I’m thrilled to present my review of the latest addition to the Jethro Tull Deluxe Box Set series: “Broadsword and the Beast.” Celebrating its 40th anniversary, this edition is nothing short of a collector’s dream.

Inside the Box: A Collector’s Paradise

The box set, a 40th-anniversary monster edition, is a tribute to the original album recorded in 1982. It boasts German concert performances mixed to stereo and surround sound by the renowned Steven Wilson. The packaging is meticulous, with protective cards for the CDs and a replica autograph beer mat.

However, a word of caution,extracting the CDs can be a tad tricky. The trick lies in removing the bottom disc first, followed by the subsequent ones. This ensures the springs remain intact and undamaged.

The Book: A Comprehensive Journey

The highlight of this edition is the 164-page book. It’s a deep dive into everything related to the album. From the design, color schemes, and instrumental details to the associated recordings, stereo mixes, 5.1 mixes, and live recordings from Germany, it leaves no stone unturned.

The book is a treasure trove of information, featuring handwritten lyrics by Ian, original lyrics, artwork insights, and a plethora of rare photographs. It meticulously chronicles the making of the album, the influences, and even the tour dates.

Sound Quality: A Cinematic Adventure for the Ears

The sound quality, especially the 5.1 mix by Steven Wilson, is mesmerizing. The original album, already a masterpiece, now feels like a cinematic auditory experience. The associated recordings, often dismissed as mere sketches, are brilliantly recorded and a joy to listen to.

A Personal Note

By the early ’80s, Jethro Tull was perceived as the old guard in the evolving music landscape. However, “Broadsword and the Beast” changed that perception. The lyrics, especially from tracks like “Broadsword,” resonate deeply, painting vivid imagery and evoking strong emotions.

In Conclusion

“Broadsword and the Beast” is arguably the best in the Jethro Tull Deluxe Box Set series. It’s a testament to the timeless appeal of physical music collections. While other bands have yet to adopt this format, Jethro Tull has set a gold standard for presenting classic albums.

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Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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