KKs Priest : Sermons of The Sinner : Album Review

KKs Priest : Sermons of the Sinner : 2021

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Obviously, KK Downing had a point to make and wanted his former employers to know he cannot be ignored and was a big part of Judas Priests success and sound.

This is one hell of an album and I must admit the Judas Priest references in the album title and songs did make me wary but any doubt I had evaporated as the album got underway.

The album opens with Hellfire Thunderbolt and Sermon of The Sinner both of which seem to start where Painkiller left off. However, every era of Judas Priest is explored and it seems to settle in the Stained Class to Defenders of the Faith period.

Sacerdote y Diablo has the same kind of groove that you can find on The Steel from British Steel and the two epics tracks ‘Metal Through and Through’ and ‘Return of The Sentinal’ will be in the live set for as long as this band stays together.

KK Downing is not copying Judas Priest, this is who he is and what this makes clear is just how crucial he was to the bands sound.

KK Downing, Ripper Owens, Sean Elg, Tony Newton and A J Mills can be very proud of this album, it really is excellent.

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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