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Mary Fahl Interview with Phil Aston
At the beginning of this year I placed the album ‘Can’t Get It Out Of My Head by Mary Fahl at number 5 in my list of the Best Albums of 2022.
If you are a fan of Joni Mitchell, Sandy Denny, Nick Drake, ELO, Pink Floyd, Richard and Linda Thompson, Neil Young, Judy Collins, George Harrison then I think you are going to love this.

I am still playing it most weeks and I now also have the Deluxe Edition which comes with a 5.1 mix.
In this interview I go through the album track by track and also look back at Mary’s career including her stunning interpretation of Dark Side of The Moon which is also available on a BluRay DVD in 5.1

“Mary Fahl looks back to some of the essential music that has brought her sustenance and clarity by reinterpreting songs from her greatest inspirations … Pink Floyd, George Harrison, Moody Blues, ELO, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young and others. For Mary, this is a tribute to the music that defined her as an artist”

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