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Now Spinning Magazine June 2024 Update – Honest Music Reviews, Features & Interviews

For all music fans and CD & vinyl collectors, this update offers in-depth CD, vinyl, and box set reviews, exclusive features, star interviews, and personal stories about the music we love. Enjoy honest insights across all formats and genres, free from drama and clickbait.

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“For many of us, music is our great passion and if this is reflected in your collecting of physical media then you are most definitely in the right place.

The next best thing to playing it or listening to it is talking about it. I first stumbled upon Now Spinning Magazine in exactly the same manner as all the other channels in my ever growing YouTube subscription list. However, the similarity ends there, the difference became apparent to me at once. It felt different. It has a uniqueness, an indefinable touch, an atmosphere like no other music channel, a notable je ne sais quoi. The more I watched the more I wanted to throw myself into it.

I soon discovered not just a comfortable informative channel but a channel with connected entities like no other. For the first time ever I wanted more. Backed up by a fantastic web site I then got to the heart of things, this resulting in my logging in to my Facebook account long since abandoned due to a disillusion in social media. This is where things get busy and this is where “community” ceases to be a buzzword all too commonly bandied about, for Now Spinning Magazines Facebook group is just that, not a virtual community but a true group, a gathering of kindred spirits.

The man behind it all is Phil Aston and what he has achieved here is simply astonishing. Not only am I discovering new music but I’m discovering music I never knew existed from the very era from which I come, the ‘70’s. Phil offers a “safe” environment where the more you put in the more you get out. Safe? Nah, I was slow too in understanding this element.

Safe means helpful and tolerant, where the joy in receiving is fuelled by the joy in giving. This place has no room nor time for petty squabbles or trolling. It’s all about sharing information and discovering that your musical journey is far from over. A haven where respect, decency, support, help and happiness is a stock in trade.

Without doubt though the real game changer for me was my early discovery of Phil’s regular series around mental health issues. This is no mere side project, the selflessness of this series is what underpins this extraordinary environment for collectors and appreciators of all music in all its physical formats. It matters, not whether you know where you are going because you’ve just arrived” Paul Duggan

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine