Michael Bolton : Everybody’s Crazy : 1985 – Classic Album Review

Michael Bolton : Everybody’s Crazy : 1985 – Video Review

For many people, Michael Bolton is remembered for killing off the Mullett Hairstyle and being popular with women of a certain age.

However, in 1985 he released one of the most perfect melodic rock albums of all time. With Kiss Guitarist Bruce Kulick providing the riffs and solos and Mark Mangold (Touch) helping with the songwriting and keyboards this is one album everyone should hear.


1. Save Our Love
2. Everybody’s Crazy
3. Can’t Turn It Off
4. Call My Name
5. Everytime
6. Desperate Heart
7. Start Breaking My Heart
8. You Don’t Want Me Bad Enough
9. Don’t Tell Me It’s Over

For me every track is superb and Bolton’s vocals are just incredible. I don’t think he felt comfortable being a full-on rock star and he was never going to emulate Jon Bon Jovi or Joe Perry wearing lots of scarves and throwing the mic stand around. His voice also had the richness of Paul Rodger, Steve Marriott, Sam Cooke and Wilson Pickett. However, on this album, he created a masterpiece. The fact it did not sell probably helped him find his path which was in a more soulful direction which saw him become once of the worlds biggest best selling artists.

I very much recommend the Rock Candy Remaster from 2008 as the one to get. The remastering is superb and the essay by Derek Oliver is very informative.

Thank you for watching

Phil Aston
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