Montrose Paper Money 1974 – Classic Album Reviews

Montrose : Paper Money : 1974
Warner Brothers Records – Produced by Ted Templeman

This is the second part in my series looking at the the career of Ronnie Montrose

In this video, I give my personal recollections about the album, going through each track and then looking at the original vinyl version and the two CD versions I would recommend.

Again I dedicate this video to the memory and brilliance of Ronnie Montrose

Montrose : Paper Money : 1974
Ronnie Montrose : Guitar
Sammy Hagar : Vocals
Alan Fitzgerald : Bass, Synth
Denny Carmassi : Drums

  1. Underground
  2. Connection
  3. The Dreamer
  4. Starliner
  5. I Got the Fire
  6. Spaceage Sacrifice
  7. We’re Going Home
  8. Paper Money

In the video are the following versions
Original Vinyl version
Rock Candy Remaster
Rhino 2CD Version

Thank you for watching and your support.

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