My CD Collection Storage Solution – I had run out of room and something had to give…

A Fresh Look at Music Storage: Decluttering Your Collection Without Losing the Love

I’m taking you on a unique journey through my music storage transformation. If you’re like me and you’ve found yourself running out of room, keep reading. This blog post is about a whole new concept that I’ve embraced to de-clutter my collection, and it might just inspire you to do the same.

Please watch the video above for the full story

Space Crunch and the Journey to Reorganization

As music lovers, we often find ourselves surrounded by CD cases, vinyl, and various music memorabilia. While some folks have large houses with basements filled with racks upon racks of CDs, many of us, especially in the UK and parts of Europe, struggle with limited space.

My music collection was literally everywhere in my home, from the garage filled with crates to under the stairs’ just everywhere. The only exception was the bathroom! This chaotic accumulation of music reached a point where I needed some semblance of order in my life.

The Problem of the Crates

I found myself trapped in a situation with crates of CDs piled on top of each other. Playing a CD from the bottom crate meant lifting several layers, leading to frustration and a diminishing desire to enjoy music. This chaotic system wasn’t just disorderly; it was quite depressing.

And then there was the dreaded “to playlist” pile. You know the one – a stack of CDs waiting to be filed away but held back because there’s no room in the existing shelves. Something had to give.

The Solution: Small Poly Sleeves

Inspired by other music enthusiasts, I decided to replace my old jewel cases with small poly sleeves, made by a company called 3L in Denmark. To my delight, these sleeves looked like little vinyl albums, and I found them extremely attractive.

This transformation allowed me to:

  • Save space (the same amount of music now took up much less room).
  • Organize my collection more efficiently.
  • Enhance the tactile experience of browsing through my CDs.

I still left some CDs in their original cases, especially if they were part of a two-CD set or if they were in a digipack or a fat box CD box. These exceptions became markers to help me differentiate where different bands start.

The Joy of Accessibility

What I’ve done has fundamentally changed my relationship with my music collection. I feel closer to it, playing more music, and experiencing a sense of rediscovery. Everything is accessible; everything is at my fingertips. I can flick through my music like I’m browsing through books, and I’ve even extended this organizational bliss to my wife Sue’s classical music collection.

Conclusion: Bonkers or Brilliant?

Now, I know that not everyone may agree with this method. Some purists might look at it in horror, but for me, this journey has been liberating. It’s allowed me to connect with my music on a deeper level and declutter my space without losing the love and history embedded in my collection.

So, dear readers, what do you think? Am I bonkers for doing this, or have I stumbled upon a delightful solution for modern music collectors? Have you done something similar, or do you have other tips and ideas?

Let’s have a chat about it in the comments below. Your insights and experiences might just help others in their music journey too.

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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3 months ago

Wonderful. I did the very same thing earlier this year and have had the same experience as you. Your article beautifully articulates the mental health benefits of becoming more organised and closer to music that can now be touched and explored physically – as opposed to it gathering dust in an attic or crate.

I have transferred 2-CD albums as well – adding a paper CD sleeve to the 3L sleeves to ensure that no part of the CD touches the poly pocket. Indeed, I add a paper sleeve to the 1-CD albums as well. This provides added security (but is not really needed on the 1-CD pockets).

3L also provide nice boxes in which to store the CDs – giving the impression of a vinyl browsing experience. Like yourself, my other half has also been keen to allow me to organise her collection of DVDs as well as CDs. You can even add Playstation or xBox games to this set-up as 3L also provided pockets for those.

Let’s face it, jewel boxes are inherently ugly. Keep the special editions and digipacks, but everything else is simply improved by this approach. Thanks for the video. Lovely to see somebody express just how useful, immersive, and fun this storage-saving approach is.

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