Now Spinning Magazine – May 2022 Update With Phil Aston

Wow!! We have crossed the 3,000 subscribers mark on YouTube

Welcome to the latest update of all things relating to Now Spinning Magazine with me Phil Aston

Please watch the video for the full update!

For New Visitors
Now Spinning is an Online magazine promoting music in all its physical forms. CD, Vinyl, Boxsets, Unique Video Reviews, New Releases, Reissues, Artist Interviews & Podcast

Thank you for all your help and support 🙂

Derek Thompson
Phil, the reason that this channel is so good is that you keep being yourself and showing passion. You deserve it and I enjoy watching it

Clive Snowden
3,000 subscribers and counting – that’s fantastic news, Phil, well done. Your friendly style of presentation and the passion for the music you showcase here has a lot to do with your success. It’s always a joy to drop by here.

Lucha Libertaria
Congrats Phil ! Your channel has grown considerably since last year, what’s great is that it has grown without all that clickbait/ragebait bs. I believe it’ll continue to grow as you are sincere and have integrity.
Personally I’d enjoy watching more interviews and new album reviews here. Take care and stay classy!😉👍

Jerry Georgopolis
Congratulation Phil ! Your heartfelt informational reviews, and incite to various music genres are a welcome change.

Ho’okipa Boy
looking forward to all your projects for May! Mahalo my friend🤙🏽

Raymond Mitchell
Hi Phil, Good to see your on the mend. Congrats on Now Spinning, reaching 3,000 subs brilliant. Like I’ve said before I love dropping in and seeing what you’ve got for us. I look out on YouTube and also the stuff you put out for your Patrons,  Please keep it coming Phil, I love looking forward to what you put up next.

Kevin Muldoon
I’ll add my voice to the congratulations on reaching a major milestone in YouTubery. Always enjoy your vids,

Bob Darlington
As ever, huge thanks chum, and congratulations on getting to 3,000 subscribers, bet you never imagined that would happen eh ! I always find something new/old to check out, and there are no snarky comments from anyone about other people’s postings, just a lot of passion for music, individually and collectively, I mean what’s not to love about Now Spinning.

Napalm God
You are really one of the most real and congenial YouTubers. No idle boast with rare and expensive records, like in many other channels. Just the love for music, That’s what I like. Keep up the good work!

Tino Stabile
Hi Sir so happy for your viewership and your success.. not surprised because your angelic and genuine incredible demeanor comes loud and clear. God bless and hope all your eye issues are resolved. Sincere congrats. The world needs more passionate and genuine people as yourself. Thank you for providing us much needed solace and reason to enjoy those beautiful box sets.

Laura Knotek
Hi Phil. Being yourself is the reason I enjoy your videos so much. I’m especially looking forward to the Rainbow and Hawkwind videos.

Official Willie G
I’m a big fan of Ritchie Blackmore, can’t wait for your video on the Ritchie Blackmore Story and Rainbow Rising is awesome! I still play that CD.
Keep up the good work and you’ll be on 4K subscribers before you know it – all the best👍

Congratulations from the northwest of Ireland on passing the 3,000K mark ! Great show!

Richard Tyson
You have put me onto artists that I have never heard of which was a nice surprise.
I have enjoyed all the cds I bought. Thank you.

Robert Atkin
Brilliant number Phil. Let’s hope there are more.

Cheryl Gallegos
Congratulations Phil! Love your videos. 🙂

Electric Sydney
Thank YOU Phil! We need more crusaders for good

Hi Phil got to say i Love watching and Listening to your Videos ….always Good Content and Very Interesting …we have a lot in Common ………Thanks .from Allan [ on your facebook page ]

Jean-Luc Pernel
congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay safe and keep spinning those CDs and records!

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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