Pete Bingham from PROG Band Sendelica Talks to Phil Aston

Pete Bingham from PROG Band Sendelica Talks to Phil Aston for Now Spinning Magazine

Sendelica are based in West Wales, UK. A unique instrumental psyche-space-rock band whose work blends early psychedelic outings, occasional heavy riffing, and electronic ambient musings. The core band in UK is currently: Pete Bingham on guitars & electronics, Glenda Pescado on bass, Jack Jackson on drums, Lee Relfe on sax and Colin Consterdine on beats and synths

“Imagine the Doors are having a jam with Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, Iron Butterfly and Blue Cheer while the vocalists are having a drink in the local bar” or “Imagine standing at the top of the stairs of a music club in 1973, the music is rising up through the stairwell to meet you. It is drawing your down the stairs to meet it, the room is dark with with only the outlines of the musicians on stage being visible. The music rides on a sea of synths, the tracks extended across whole side of orange vinyl. This is Sendelica….” Phil Aston

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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