Peter Goalby : Easy With The Heartaches : Album Review

Peter Goalby : Easy With The Heartaches : 2021
The full story behind this album can be found in the Podcast I did with Peter in April 2022.
This really is a lost album, hidden since the early 90s and to my ears the best melodic Rock / AOR album I have heard for years.

The vocals, the songs, the performances are just beautiful. Every song is stunning, killer chorus after killer chorus. If this had been the next Uriah Heep album it would have been huge but even as a solo album it should have been a colossal success.

The songs could have also been hits for other artists as well. So many AOR artists were using songs by Desmond Child, Holly Knight and Diane Warren etc when Peter Goalby was literally hiding in plain sight. Bon Jovi, Kiss, Tina Turner, Heart, so many of these songs could have been massive hits.

I really hope some of the new bands coming out of Sweden cover a song from this album. Jeff Scott Soto, this is for you.

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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