Porcupine Tree announces New Album ‘Closure Continuation’ and Tour

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After a few days of teaser posts and rumours, it has been confirmed that Porcupine Tree are indeed going to release a new album and even tour in 2022!
In this video, I go through the various physical bundles you can buy with many of them being exclusive to the Porcupine Tree Website.
I Will probably go for the Vinyl / CD Set.

The new single Harridan has just been released and is well worth checking out (I Love I!)

Press Release from The Band
Harridan and a few of the other new songs have been in play since shortly after the release of The Incident. They initially lived on a hard drive in a slowly growing computer file marked PT2012, later renamed PT2015, PT2018, and so on. There were times when we even forgot they were there, and times when they nagged us to finish them to see where they would take us. Listening to the finished pieces, it was clear that this wasn’t like any of our work outside of the band – the combined DNA of the people behind the music meant these tracks were forming what was undeniably, unmistakably, obviously a Porcupine Tree record.

You’ll hear all of that DNA flowing right through Harridan.

Let me know what you think in the comments

Phil Aston
Now Spinning Magazine

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