Porcupine Tree Closure / Continuation : Great Album : Why Do I Feel Ripped Off?

Porcupine Tree Closure / Continuation
Music For Nations / Sony Music : 2022

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First off this is a fabulous album, as good as anything in their back catalogue and I am really enjoying it.
Secondly I am a huge fan of Steven Wilson, I have all his albums, many as Deluxe Editions, have seen him live, and think he is a musical genius.

However in these testing times why do I feel a little bit ripped off or that Steven or his label are taking advantage of his fan base when they are also struggling in the current economic climate.

I would usually buy the vinyl and CD, even the deluxe edition when it comes to a Steven Wilson based release and had been streaming the album on Spotify for a while.

On each streaming platform the album has 10 tracks, the CD and vinyl has just 7 tracks. There is a coloured vinyl version with 9 tracks. The Deluxe Edition for about £55 has the extra 3 tracks. These are hardly exclusive if they are free to stream and many other fans are complaining online that the Deluxe Edition is hardly Deluxe in any way.

The 10 tracks could have easily fitted on a single CD and to be honest I would happily have paid a bit more for a 2CD version, but of all the multiple variants there are for this album a 2CD version does not exist. The additional 3 tracks are also missing from the Blu Ray.

What do you think?
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Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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