The Rolling Stones Tattoo You 40th Anniversary 2CD Edition Review

Rolling Stones – Tattoo You 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Rolling Stones – Tattoo You, 40th-anniversary deluxe edition Polydor Records 2CD Edition

In the forty years that have passed, I was never compelled to get this album on CD. That’s because the USA vinyl record sounded very good. I had always heard this was an album of re-worked songs not used or rejected from various 1970’s albums and the enclosed booklet notes essentially confirm that.

Who knew it would become the Rolling Stones’ strongest (and best selling) album in the decade? I played a few tracks on the album’s CD because I know those songs so well. Sound-wise, it sounds fair but mastered loud, losing the intimate feel on most songs on Side 2.

I think the whole album could benefit if Mobile Fidelity ever does a One-Step premium vinyl pressing or an SACD. It’s the second disc that drew my attention which starts off strong with the track Living In The Heart Of Love. It sounds like it belonged on Goat’s Head Soup. Expect a few clunkers as well but some tracks sound like they were not fully complete like Jimmy Reed’s “Shame Shame Shame”.

I had heard their version of the Dobie Gray hit single “Drift Away”(I have it somewhere) as a bootleg and it always sounded like a finished song. I was curious as to why they never released it, It’s one of the band’s finer examples of their interpretation of American R&B. Finally, I’m glad they polished “Start Me Up” into the album’s opening track over its original reggae-tinged roots heard here.

CD 1 – Tattoo You (2021 Remaster)

1. Start Me Up – Remastered 2021
2. Hang Fire – Remastered 2021
3. Slave – Remastered 2021
4. Little T&A – Remastered 2021
5. Black Limousine – Remastered 2021
6. Neighbours – Remastered 2021
7. Worried About You – Remastered 2021
8. Tops – Remastered 2021
9. Heaven – Remastered 2021
10. No Use In Crying – Remastered 2021
11. Waiting On A Friend – Remastered 2021

CD 2 – Lost & Found: Rarities

1. Living In The Heart Of Love
2. Fiji Jim
3. Troubles A’ Comin
4. Shame Shame Shame
5. Drift Away
6. It’s A Lie
7. Come To The Ball
8. Fast Talking Slow Walking
9. Start Me Up (Early Version)

Charlie White | Now Spinning Magazine
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