Scorpions Rock Believer Album Review

Scorpions Rock Believer Album Review
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In this review of the new Scorpions album, I go through each track and give my view on how it fits in with their back catalogue.
To me, the Scorpions have created something new while still creating their classic 1980s sound.

Reviews from the Now Spinning YouTube Community

‘Well… Klaus Meine promised an album with Scorpions DNA and he delivered: a heavy album that would be inspired by the vibe of the band’s most classic albums.⁣
They rescued the powerful poison that made them giants around the world in the 1980s, but without sounding repetitive. A combination of some modern elements with a lot of personality.⁣

I have to say that the addition of Mikkey Dee to the band since 2016 has been significantly important, from giving the band a little extra gas to what he can do on drums on this album. Fantastic!⁣
Many credits to Pawel Maciwodi on Bass Guitar who made his mark very evident with his bass lines that I haven’t heard this loud and clear since Unbreakable.⁣

Rudolf Schenker and Matthias Jabs guitars duelling each other with wonderful, powerful and energetic riffs took us back in time to the 1980’s. And the guitar solos… just wow!⁣
And Klaus… What a fantastic voice. It has aged as well as fine wine and knew how to adapt extremely well to the tonality of the songs, leaving a more mature and elegant touch in its beautiful melodies.⁣

This album is totally consistent and has atmospheres that complement each other because they are so well put together. Heavy, cadenced, heavy again. An album with 16 songs – Deluxe version – and at least 12 of them are killer tracks. Incredible! From song 13 onwards, it makes room for some very interesting experimentation. In my opinion, it’s the best since Crazy World but in the future, this album could get even bigger and be the best since Love At First Sting.⁣

As I’m a fan of the new generation, I couldn’t live the peak of the band and have that amazing and epic experience that many fans of the time had when listening to those legendary records. Rock Believer was the closest I came to that feeling’. nnabaissify

‘This is a great album by the band. Once again the old guard are knocking it out of the park. I was lucky to snag the double CD version at my local HMV. The track ‘Knock ‘Em Dead’ had me on my feet. My holy rock trinity of Scorpions albums are ‘Lovedrive’, ‘Animal Magnetism’ and ‘Love at First Sting’. I feel ‘Rock Believer’ is right up there with them’. Peter Walshe

‘My favourite track is “Shining Of Your Soul” at the moment. “Seventh Son” made me instantly think of “Runnin’ with the Devil” by Van Halen. Just a slower tempo and a reminiscent guitar sound. But yes, it sounds like “China White” as well. Very odd that it is the Scorpions that gets me back into a normal state of mind these days, when I have taken in too much impressions from the news. Thanks for another great video Phil.’
Nils Johan Ødegaard

‘I’ve been streaming the album all week, and it’s really grown on me, big fan of their 80s output and this reminds of that time….do I buy the vinyl or cd version? 🤔 The deluxe version is worth a listen, the acoustic version of ‘When you know (where you come from)’ is just fantastic….great review again!’

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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