The Allman Brothers : Dreams 4 CD Boxset : 1989

I’ve been after this Box Set for a long time. And it’s by The Allman Brothers Band, and here it is, Dreams.

I got into the Allman Brothers very late actually, early 1990s, when they reformed to do Seven Turns, and I kind of went backwards from there, and forwards from there, with Warren Haynes and Gov’t Mule. And I’ve now got everything they’ve done now, so I always thought this Box Set was just for completists, but there are quite a few tracks on here that I haven’t got. So, I thought I’d share it with you, and we’ll have a look inside.

The Dreams box set by the Allman Brothers is from 1989. You can see it’s an actual album sized box set. This is a real box set, like they used to be like at that time. And there weren’t many box sets around then, so they were luxurious things, and they weren’t cheap.

Larger box sets like this didn’t necessarily have a lot of discs in, unlike today, and this one has four. But the great thing about these box sets from this period, is the amount of detail and love that went into them. Really nice textured booklet. Really good quality paper, and absolutely tons to read in this. As I said, it’s put together before they reformed in the 1990s.

I think what’s so good about it, is it goes through every musician, what was going on behind the scenes for the albums they were making. A lot of really interesting stuff here, and a lot of really interesting photographs as well. And the other thing that I really like about it, it goes through when the band split up. It goes through, in great detail, what each musician did later, so Great Southern for Dickey Betts, the Gregg Allman solo period, there’s even the stuff he did with Cher. And then Dickey Betts later on, especially gets to Pattern Disruptive, which is probably the closest they got to a hard rock album.

And we see here, all the albums, even the Duane Allman Anthologies that came out in the early 1970s (which are great albums by the way). All the official live stuff up to that point is in here. And then it goes into detail on all the musicians that play on each track. I think the other thing that’s worth mentioning is it has The Allman Joys in here, which I hadn’t heard before. The Hour Glass, which is also really good stuff.

So, if you’re an Allman Brothers completist, there’s absolutely tons of stuff in here. You’ve even got Rain, by Lennon, McCartney, by Gregg Allman, which is absolutely fantastic (which is I think only available here).

The CDs themselves are in four jewel cases, which is what you used to get in box sets in those days. And does have a little bit of information for each one, again telling you a bit about each track.

The four CDs go through the whole history of the band, up until the point where they reformed. So, it’s well worth it,

Phil Aston

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