bots and music

The Bots Are Coming For Your Vinyl and CDs

Have you been in a situation where you have missed out on some new special edition issue?

The online reality of vinyl and CDs

As retailers and musicians have moved online, we are all comfortable buying online, but so has computer code called “shopping bots” or often called bots.

There was a day when we were happy to queue up in the cold at our favourite venue and buy tickets, not anymore. We can sit in our pyjamas at home and buy tickets, records and CDs to our hearts content.

The internet is open to automation and hence bots

There is an article here about how bots are disrupting the gaming industry, buying up hard to find gaming consoles.

Bots Are Ruining Your Chance of Buying a PS5 and Xbox Series This Holiday (And What to Do About It)

Bots have now hit the world of vinyl and CDs.

Lofi Girl @lofigirl issued vinyl on their website and suddenly found that it sold out a little too fast, they have since apologised on Twitter and acknowledged that they had been hit with orders from bots and the fact they will cancel all of the bot orders.

Bots and Music

What should retailers do?

First and foremost, retailers need to understand this is a problem and implement systems that will stop bots, there is a great article on how to stop bots here.

Everything you need to know about preventing online shopping bots can be found here

Timothy Hughes | Now Spinning Magazine

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