The Loveless : Meet The Loveless : Album Review

The Loveless: A Rock and Roll Party!
In the ever-evolving world of rock and roll here is an album that captures the essence of the genre’s golden era while infusing it with a fresh, contemporary energy. The Loveless, led by the Marc Almond of Soft Cell fame and the talented Neal X, formerly of Sique Sigue Sputnik and Adam Ant’s band, have released, “Meet The Loveless,” a collection of songs that pays homage to the roots of rock and roll, garage psych, and 60s R&B.

The Loveless’s lineup is further bolstered by the addition of Iggy Pop’s dynamic touring rhythm section, featuring Mat Hector and Ben Ellis, alongside keyboard virtuoso James Beaumont. This ensemble brings a unique energy and depth to the album, ensuring a sound that’s both fresh and nostalgically familiar. The album is a homage to a range of musical legends, from T. Rex and Iggy Pop to David Bowie and Alice Cooper. It features an eclectic mix of covers and original tracks, each infused with the band’s distinctive style and passion.

One might not immediately associate Marc Almond with rock and roll, given his background with Soft Cell, but his vocal prowess lends itself surprisingly well to this genre. His voice, rich in character and emotion, perfectly complements the album’s energetic and raw vibe. Neal X’s massive chords and the rhythm section’s powerful backbone create a sound that is both authentic and invigorating.

The album opens with “Wild in the Streets,” a track brimming with youthful exuberance and stereo-panned solos reminiscent of the old days. “Put It In My Hands” follows, offering a bluesy rock feel with a 60s twist, while “Pills,” featuring Glenn Matlock, brings a Sex Pistols-esque energy. The album also includes a cover of Alice Cooper’s “Under My Wheels,” showcasing the band’s roots and Almond’s versatile vocals.

“Meet The Loveless” is available in a limited edition plum-colored vinyl, adding a collectible aspect to this already intriguing release. The album’s packaging, with its cut-out pictures and collage-style artwork, adds to its charm and reflects the band’s creative spirit.

“Meet The Loveless” is a rock and roll album. It’s a fun, energetic, and heartfelt tribute to the genre’s past, while also carving out its own unique place in the present. For fans of rock, garage, and R&B, this album is a must-listen, offering a fresh take on classic sounds with the expertise of seasoned musicians. As described by Louder Than War, The Loveless is indeed “Britain’s best garage rock and roll band,” a title well-deserved for this remarkable ensemble.

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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