The Now Spinning Magazine Podcast – Episode 3 – The Birmingham Odeon

Welcome to the Now Spinning Magazine Podcast with me Phil Aston

In this episode, I am joined by Dale Michelsohn who was a stage technician at The Birmingham Odeon from 1974 to 1988 when it stopped putting on live concerts.

The Birmingham Odeon was a major venue for rock concerts through the 1970s and 80s. I saw my first concert there when I was 15 which was Deep Purple. In this podcast, I talk to Dale about many of the bands that played there and what it was like to work behind the scenes.

Dale now lives in Stockholm where he works as a stage manager and also runs the Birmingham Odeon Memorial page on Facebook which is a great resource to share memories of concerts from this well-loved venue

A big thank you to my guest Dale Michelsohn for being on the show and to all our listeners.

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Jim Cronin
Jim Cronin
4 months ago

Bostin”! Thanks for sharing Phil and Dale! Great memories!

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