The Tide’s Magnificence Songs And Poems of Molly Drake

Video Review 5mins – Transcription Below

“This is the missing link in the Nick Drake Story” – Joe Boyd

In this review, we are going to look at a box set that is not that well known although the artist connected to it is. , Since his untimely passing, this artist has become more well known and interest in his life and grown exponentially. The artist is Nick Drake and this box set celebrates his mother Molly drake.

There has been an album before looking at Molly Drake called Family Tree but this is a very different set. The first impression is that this has been put together by people who really know their audiences and also love the subject matter.

This is such a fantastic presentation. In this video, I want to show you the detail and quality of this box set which will also give you so much background information on what made Nick Drake tick.

The box set includes all the songs and poems of Molly Drake. If you’re a fan of Nick Drake and his music, this will give you an insight into the influence his mom had on that music.  The presentation is like a really classy hardback book that looks like it’s been on the shelf for a long time. The quality and execution is top-notch.

As you open the book you will find the first CD on the inner cover, the paper stock used has also been chosen to reflect the look and feel of the time. There are lots of handwritten notes from her journal and photographs.

Molly Drake was a very good pianist herself and an excellent poet. There are lots of black and white photographs, her story and as we come to the poems the paper stock changes to suit the product.

This is a lovely item to have and anyone who’s feels that they’ve got everything connected to Nick Drake. you also need this! As we move beyond the poems the par stock changes again with more photos, some with Nick and his sister and some copies of her sheet music.

In the inside back cover in the second CD. The box set includes a 196-page book containing 79 poems written between 1935 and her death in 1993 and 26 songs across two CDs performed by Molly.

The songs were recorded on vintage tape recorders by her husband Rodney Drake in the 1950s and 1960s. And it contains essays, lyrics, and photos, and making this the complete Molly Drake Collection.

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Molly Drake review

Molly Drake Box Set


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