Unboxing Mott The Hoople : The Anthology 3CD Box Set : 1998

This is another in my series looking back at Box Sets that are now out of print. The idea is to give fans a chance to see inside especially if you are searching for this on eBay or Discogs and what to know what it looks like.

When this appeared in 1998 I was really looking forward to it. Not a lot of Mott The Hoople’s albums had been officially released on CD and this was given a lot of publicity.

It had 62 tracks spread over 3CDs. 37 of them were then-unreleased. It contained many rarities, one the main ones being the David Bowie vocal version of All The Young Dudes. It also included 26 new mixes and a 56-page booklet including full support from the band.
Every lineup of Mott was included going right up to British Lions.

Remastered and remixing albums is almost expected now but back then it was still very new so the booklet had a feature from drummer Dale ‘Buffin’. Griffin about how the box set came together and a section from Martin Colley about the remastering process.

It really was a labour of love and the level of detail in the booklet really was a treat for Mott and Ian Hunter Fans. Even now it feels like a luxury item with its glossy (glam) cover. The tracklisting is perfect but for me, it left off one track that I felt at the time was a shame and that was Waterlow from Wildlife.

I still feel this box Set is valid and wonderful item to have in your music collection, so if you are a Mott The Hoople or Ian Hunter fan it is worth tracking down.

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