Van Halen : The Collection Vol 1 – 1978 – 1984 : Vinyl Box Set – Review

Van Halen: The Collection Volume One  

This set covers the legendary years from 1978 to 1984, encapsulating the David Lee Roth era.

It is a fitting tribute to the first six iconic Van Halen albums, all neatly packed in a box. There aren’t any extras; it’s purely about the classic albums. The set is a precursor to Volume Two, which will focus on the Sammy Hager years.

Inside The Box

Van Halen (1978): The album that changed rock music. With tracks like “Running with the Devil” and “Eruption,” it introduced a new sound that was both groundbreaking and timeless.
Van Halen II (1979): A continuation of their signature sound with hits like “Dance the Night Away.” This album solidified their place in rock history.
Women and Children First (1980): Darker and more introspective, this album showcased the band’s versatility. It also comes with a unique poster of David Lee Roth.
Fair Warning (1981): My personal favorite, this album is a masterpiece with tracks like “Mean Street” and “Unchained.”
Diver Down (1982): An underrated gem, this album has some of the band’s most experimental tracks.
1984 (1984): A culmination of their work, with hits like “Jump” and “Panama.” This album is a fitting end to this collection.

Sound Quality

The big question: How do they sound? While there’s no explicit mention of remastering, the sound quality is impeccable. Every guitar riff, drum beat, and vocal note is crystal clear. The remastering, done by Chris Bellman in 2015, brings out the nuances in each track. It’s like being in the studio with the band.

Final Thoughts

This collection is more than just a set of albums. It’s a journey through Van Halen’s most iconic years. From the raw energy of their debut album to the polished sound of 1984, it’s a testament to their enduring legacy.

For fans, this box set is a treasure trove. The sound quality, the packaging (buy your own inner sleeves), and the sheer nostalgia make it worth every penny. The only minor hiccup is the inner sleeves, which could have been better designed for the 180-gram vinyl records.

In conclusion, “Van Halen: The Collection Volume One” is a must-have. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering the band, this set offers a great way to get the 2015 remasters on vinyl.

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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