What Album Have You Not Played In Years Until Now?

Rediscovering Forgotten Albums: A Journey Back in Time

If you’re like many subscribers to Now Spinning Magazine, you probably have a vast collection of albums, be it on CD, vinyl, or both. And let’s be honest, we all have those box sets where we haven’t played everything that’s in them, or albums that we’ve only played once.

But among these, there are some gems that we haven’t played for years. Not just one or two years, but many years. So, I want to know: what’s an album that you’ve recently played after a long hiatus? Please share in the comments below. I’m curious to know what treasures you’ve rediscovered.

For me, it’s “Nexus” by Argent. Some might dismiss it as third division prog from the UK, but to me, it’s a wonderful album from 1974. I bought the single “Thunder and Lightning” backed with “Keeper of the Flame” on the B-side, which became one of my favorite tracks.

“Nexus” is a real prog hard rock album, probably the heaviest Argent ever did. I hadn’t played it for years, and when I did the other day, it sounded fresh. It transported me back in time, connecting me to my school days.

The album features some epic tracks like the title track “Nexus” and “Music from the Spheres”, both of which are over eight minutes long. But it’s the six-minute-long “Keeper of the Flame” that truly stands out as a wonderful song.

Sometimes, when I put a record on, I wonder: am I the only person on planet Earth at this point in time, this day, this week, this month, who’s playing this album? It’s a peculiar thought, isn’t it?

“Nexus” by Argent is one of those records. I might be the only one talking about it right now, but who knows? If you stumble across this blog post in the future and you’ve just played “Nexus” by Argent, then hello!

But let’s get back to the main point: what album have you played recently that you hadn’t taken off the shelf for years? Share your rediscoveries in the comments below.

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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8 months ago

Remarkably I was playing this very album(for the first time in years!) as I randomly watched this video. I tend to grab three CDs/vinyl at a time. “Nexus” was bookended by two of my favourite prog/rock albums…one decades old and one contemporary. “Somewhere I’ve Never Travelled” by Ambrosia is an Alan Parsons production tour-de-force, and May 2023 release “Redemption” by French Canadian maestros Mystery should be on every serious rock fan’s radar; a magnificent career high and one of the best sounding releases in the prog/rock genre.

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