What CD Box Sets Would You Like To See Released?

What CD Box Sets would you like to see released?
Which of your favourite artists or bands are you waiting to see covered by a career-defining box set?
For me personally, I would love to see a complete albums box set for example by

  • Starz
  • Teaze
  • Vanilla Fudge
  • Bob Seger

This video is in response to the huge number of views the videos I did with Charlie White called ‘Why CDs Still Rock’ have gained so far.

We all love vinyl but felt the CD needed a bit more love and it is certainly getting that thanks to Record Labels like Cherry Red Records , Esoteric Recordings who have released some stunning box sets this year.

Here are some of the comments we have received so far across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter   Phil Aston

A Complete set of Van Der Graaf Generator BBC sessions. They did many sessions between 1968 -1977, none are available to complete, and what has been released is spread out over various box sets and bonus tracks on re-issues. It would be great to have everything, and all in one place. L9

I would love to see a deluxe “Box” set of AC⚡DC’s POWERAGE album, all the studio jams/outtakes etc, surely there must be more studio stuff, “Bonfire” was great but there’s got to be more unreleased material, studio wise Craig

Where to start. I’d love to see a lavish career-spanning Gong box from Madfish. Not such a leap, in that they’ve already done a Steve Hillage one. The Stranglers need a really coherent career overview box and reissue programme. It would also be great if the classic Gino Vannelli 70s and 80s albums could be encompassed in a budget box set or two, so people could discover them. Roy Harper and Kevin Ayers would also be great candidates for the full-on Madfish treatment. Above all of that, however, there are a wide range of box sets that were available on short runs that sold out fast which would benefit from a repress. The Jethro Tull and Marillion ones, plus the excellent John Martyn box you reviewed a few days ago, are all candidates where there is still very good demand, judging by the prices they now go for.  Chris Wright

I’d love to see Rock Candy Records get into the boxset market. Many of the artists they released CDs by, especially when they first started, surely deserve full, all the bells and whistles, treatment. I’m thinking of Angel and Legs Diamond in particular but as you say, Starz would be strong contenders. Mike

My friend is mad on Starz. I had an album by Teaze, but had to swap it for something else as it was faulty and so were the replacements. I would like to see a live box set featuring the Sisters of Mercy and a number of the unreleased songs they play that have no official studio version. I also would like to see the Cheap Trick album box set reissued at a reasonable price. Robert

As a young Dane with a music taste like 60-year old, I’d love too see a small box set featuring the Danish heavy rock group Sensory System. They had an American vocalist similar to Terry Reid, so the songs aren’t sung in Danglish.

That element also made them sound a lot more international. With the right label and support, they could’ve been big. The box set would feature; Sensory System – Sensory System (Their heavy rock album from 1974 which was originally recorded in 1972. It was released via the German label Nova and the Danish indie label Hørekiks. The bonus tracks would include the band’s 1973 single ‘Red Man’ and the 1974 B-side ‘He Wants You’. T

his is for fans of Mountain, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin!) Sensory System – What We Are (Their full-length from 1975 which is quite commercial and funky. For many a great disappointment, but it also contains some brilliant tunes of a poppier sort) None of these has ever been issued on CD. A great shame! Ben

I would like to see an update or re-issue of the Aerosmith set ‘Box of Fire’ or indeed a whole new collection. A Queensryche set would be pretty good too. Peter

A James gang box set, with early live gigs from 69-72 73 outtakes radio stuff Also Early Joe Walsh Barnstorm would be Great. Martin

Black Sabbath box set with all albums without Ozzy. Since Slayer has retired, a Slayer box set. Josh Homme “Desert Sessions” box set since the CDs have been out of print for so long. Kyuss box set. SW

A Frank Zappa set from the 50s to the 90s. He has a lot of box-sets, but not a career one  Robert

Live and Dangerous by Thin Lizzy getting the same treatment Strangers In The Night by UFO got last year.  Rob

Mr Big, Extreme, Europe would be very cool. And Uli Jon Roth era scorpions  Martin

I would love a box with what Ronnie James Dio did in the 60’s with all the bands leading up to Elf.
Also a Bruce Springsteen: Born in the USA boxset with lots of outtakes from that era. I am certain that will come eventually. Victor

I would love complete sets by the Icicle Works , Pete Wylie and all various Wah incarnations and also the Dickies , these would make me very happy !! Nigel

I still reckon there is scope for a proper Little Feat box set. Sure, they did release a 4 disc set a few years back, but not a complete reissue/remaster of their existing studio albums with Lowell. Some of their live shows had some absolutely superb improv sections, none of which ever got a legit release.

I agree with Chris above about The Stranglers. They have had plenty of compilations/greatest hits sets out, but nothing that really says this is a serious band who deserve the in-depth treatment.

Starz …..funny you should mention them. There was a guy, Henry Prentiss, who used to do a lot of tape trading with, eventually just doing a lot of chatting with around the dawn of email, who came across with the band as a roadie/tech the last time they played in the UK. He, of course, raved about the band. I have yet to see one of their albums in any shop here, so, yes, they should get the box set treatment. Paul

I would like a Lindisfarne complete set I’d be surprised if that happens as they recorded for several record labels..i got the Charisma label Albums Box set from Lindisfarne. Jim

The British band Charlie would be wonderful to see in a career spanning cd boxset. Vic

Poco is the one that I’d like to see given the Super Deluxe treatment 🙂
Country Joe & The Fish would be welcome along with New Riders Of The Purple Sage also spring to mind Graham

Deluxe versions of Lynyrd Skynyrds’ first three albums would be great, Led Zeppelin at Earls Court and a Boston box set are my first thoughts! Chris

A complete early Bob Seger box set which would encompass everything from Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man through Beautiful Loser…I have been wanting this set for years but Bob and Punch Andrews do not care for a lot of the earlier albums so it will probably never happen
I would also love a ’70s-’90s box set of all of Van Morrison’s albums, a box set containing all of Head East’s studio albums, and box set for flautist Tim Weisberg’s 70’s/80’s albums Mike

All right-minded BlackSabbath fans will surely want to see a EMI/IRS era set featuring Tony Martin on vocals  Paul

The Cramps: complete discography
Velvet Underground: complete discography
Suzi Quatro: complete discography
* when I say “complete” I mean everything, studio, live, compilations & DVD recordings.
* no pointless posters, postcards, guitar picks or any silly gimmicks. SM

TOTO, Stevie Wonder (which could be split into 2 or 3 separate sets), J.Geils Band, Supertramp, Luther Vandross, War, Warren Zevon and that’s my shortlist. There’s a Billy Joel box set coming out soon but it’s only vinyl records that speak to the dilemma of those of us living in the USA who desire compact discs. Charlie

I would like to see – A Raw Material cd box set that includes both albums and any other material the band recorded. Also a Clark-Hutchinson box set that included the great A=MH2 and all the original albums. Esoteric put out a compilation of theirs in 2010.
Spriguns of Tolgus – A 70s acid folk band is desperately in need of a box set.
Dr Z.’s album (Three parts to my soul) on Vertigo and any other connected material (who were they and pre/post album history). GB

The Angel (Aussie Hard Rock)
– Kevin Ayers
– Barclay James Harvest 👍
– Demon   Lucha

Three that immediately sprang to mind were:
Roy Harper, Incredible String Band, Jefferson Airplane (Including the many spin-off bands) Bill
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