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This website is run by music enthusiasts from a variety of backgrounds.  All of us have a passion for holding the physical product in our hands.  We love vinyl, CD, Books, Memorabilia, in fact everything that makes up a person’s music collection.

Phil Aston
Partner at Genius Loci Media – Digital Marketing, Photographer-Videographer, Guitarist, Yoga Teacher. Phil has be been an avid music collector since the early 1970s.  He played with in various bands like, The Handsome Beasts, Rogue Male and Tantrum.  He is has an in depth knowledge of Rock music through the decades and his main love is anything connected to the Deep Purple Family of musicians.

“You can never own too many copies of Machine Head by Deep Purple”

Genius Loci Media

Joe Geesin -Now Spinning

Joe Geesin
Joe Geesin is a UK based freelance writer and has been a Record Collector contributor since 1991, former fanclub editor for Cozy Powell, Nazareth and Paul Samson.

Joe has over 25 years’ experience in the music industry and six years in advertising and marketing.
With over 200 published interviews, key interviews include those with John Peel, Christopher Lee, Pink Floyd, Status Quo, Ian Gillan, Iron Maiden, Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Steppenwolf , Foghat and many more.


Charlie White
A music lover, an audiophile.  Both can co-exist in the same reality and that is me.

Gary Garbett
Award-winning creative communication professional, mixed-media artist, photographer, and on occasion,… a darn fine pupcake baker, I am a creative and huge KISS Fan


Dan Aston
Commercial writer at Cornwall Live and singer-songwriter.


Tim Hughes
CEO & Co-Founder of Digital Leadership Associates the Global Social Consultancy.

Digital Leadership Associates

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