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Phil Aston (Editor in Chief)

Phil Aston became obsessed with music when he saw Deep Purple in 1974 aged just 14. After that, it was just guitars and records.  He joined several local bands in Birmingham before he became the lead guitarist in NWOBHM Band The Handsome Beasts who were signed to Heavy Metal Records. From there he spent time in Rogue Male with Chris Aylmer from Samson and then Tantrum helping to supply music to a movie starring Lindsay Wagner. After Tantrum, Phil tried his hand at songwriting after securing a publishing deal with London based Lionheart music. He then got involved in Marketing and found out he had a flair for it and was soon in demand with companies in the USA. In 2004 he moved to Cornwall and founded Independent Record Lable Genius Loci Records on the back of his own Media Agency Genius Loci Media with his wife, Violinist and Composer, Sue Aston.

During this time Genius Loci Media grew to be a great success, however, his love of music continued with Phil & Sue pioneering live streaming music over the internet, with one performance in the USA being watched by members of the band Survivor and Halford.   Phil was also filling every corner of the house with more and more box sets and thought there must be others who share this passion for collecting music.

“I decided first to create an online community to help like-minded music fans meet and chat with each other. Now Spinning sounded like a good name and within days we were up and running. One post could result in multiple members wanting to buy the album featured, and I am sure that Amazon must have seen some sales spikes in obscure albums and wondered what was going on!”

“I had no idea how fast this would take off. Over the last 12 months Now Spinning Magazine is now a full-blown website, with a YouTube Channel, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. We are now at 20,000 visitors per month”.

Phil’s passionate unboxing videos, reviews and music stories have also gained great praise on YouTube and on Social Media.

“The idea behind this website is to raise a flag to celebrate the joy of collecting physical music. Streaming is a huge part of enjoying and discovering new music, but our approach is to use it to find more CDs and records to buy”.  Phil

Now Spinning Magazine features album reviews, unboxing video reviews of new and old box sets, new releases, reissues, exclusive features and interviews.

If you are a band or record label and want to have your music or latest release featured on Now Spinning please get in touch. 

Phil Aston +44(0)1736 719342 | phil.aston@nowspinning.co.uk  

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Joe Geesin -Now Spinning
John Dotters Now Spinning

Chris Wright (Producer) 
Born and bred in Suffolk England, Chris moved to the USA in his late 40s. This finally enabled him to create a dedicated basement listening room, where he could again indulge in being a serial audiophile and music collector to his heart’s content, without bothering his long-suffering and much-loved wife, kids and pets.
Chris bought his first HiFi system about 35 years ago and now believes he has reached the end game with his current set up (audiophiles always say that kind of stuff…). Of course the same can’t be claimed for his extensive and wide-ranging vinyl and CD collection, which he describes as a permanent work in progress.

Joe Geesin (Contributor)
Working in Journalism and PR, Joe has over 30 years’ experience in the music industry and six years in advertising and marketing. With a client list that already boasts Universal, Sanctuary, Cherry Red and Republic Media, work has been published in Record Collector, New Scientist, Kerrang! and www.metaltalk.net.

With over 230 published interviews, key interviews include those with John Peel, Christopher Lee, Pink Floyd, Status Quo, Ian Gillan, Iron Maiden, Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Steppenwolf and Foghat. With over a dozen published interviews with Saxon, Joe has struck up a personal friendship with the band
Joe Geesin has been a Record Collector contributor since 1991, former fanclub editor for Cozy Powell, Nazareth and Paul Samson.

John Dotters (Contributor)
Mancunian John developed a healthy love of music from the early heroes of Mud, Showaddywaddy and Sweet before Yes, Kiss and the NWOBHM turned the head before reaching the current day love of most things Abba to ZZ Top. Dabbled in fanzines, proper magazines but then got a proper job and wished he hadn’t.
Music isn’t everything as football, rugby (both codes) and cricket take up the rest of the waking hours. Everything else isn’t important apart from an endless supply of tea and episodes of Lovejoy

Dan Aston (Contributor)
Dan is a successful singer-songwriter with several releases under his belt. He has a vast music collection and loves every genre of music you can imagine. His top music choices would be Bjork, Bruce Springsteen, Opeth, Steven Wilson, Queensrÿche, Kiss, Bat For Lashes. Dan is a professional writer and works for St Austell Brewery in Cornwall.

Charlie White (Contributor)
A music lover, an audiophile.  Both can co-exist in the same reality and that is me.
Charlies also contributes regularly to the Now Spinning YouTube Channel.

Sue Aston (Editor)
Composer and Violinist Sue Aston loves listening to punk and rock music alongside violin concertos.

Tim Hughes (Contributor)
CEO & Co-Founder of Digital Leadership Associates the Global Social Consultancy.
Digital Leadership Associates

Gary Garbett (Contributor)
Award-winning creative communication professional, mixed-media artist, photographer, and on occasion,… a darn fine pupcake baker, I am a creative and huge KISS Fan

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