Aerosmith : Greatest Hits : 4LP Vinyl Box Set : Unboxing Review

Unboxing the Ultimate: Aerosmith’s Greatest Hits on Vinyl

A collector’s journey into Aerosmith’s epic anthology with their 4-vinyl album box set of “Greatest Hits,” pressed on 180g audiophile-grade vinyl.

This box set is a testament to Aerosmith’s legendary 50-year rock saga, encompassing 44 tracks that illustrate the band’s dynamic evolution. It’s a deluxe edition, and although the packaging might be sleeker than expected due to the thinner covers, it doesn’t detract from the substance within.

Each vinyl album emerges with a distinctive red-tinted photo design, encapsulating the essence of Aerosmith’s vibrant history. From timeless classics like “Dream On” and “Sweet Emotion” to hard-rocking anthems like “Love in an Elevator,” every album is a chapter of its own, celebrating the highs of a remarkable musical journey.

The Listening Experience: Impeccable Quality
Upon playing the records, the first thing to note is the impeccable quality of the pressings. Hailing from the reputable presses of Czechoslovakia, these records offer a flawless listening experience with no dust or static interference – superb!

A Visual Accompaniment: The Pictorial Booklet
Included in this set is a pictorial booklet filled with live shots that span the decades, allowing fans to visually traverse through the eras of Aerosmith. It’s an intimate journey peppered with detailed rundowns of track listings, songwriters, and meticulous credits – an ode to the band’s storied history.

Packaging: A Thoughtful Observation
Now, while the music and the presentation are beyond reproach, I’d like to touch on a small detail concerning the packaging. The thinner card sleeves are double-edged swords – while they save space and please the aesthetic eye, they pose a slight risk during the rigors of shipping. The records, housed in the sleeves, can suffer minor damages due to movement. A suggestion for improvement could be to pack the vinyl records separately from the sleeves to mitigate this issue. Nonetheless, it’s a minor caveat in an otherwise stellar package.

Final Thoughts
Despite the small packaging detail, this Aerosmith box set is a gem. It’s not just the music – though that’s the heart of it – but also the tactile pleasure of handling the vinyl, the visual enjoyment of the artwork, and the history enshrined in every note and image.

Choosing a top five from this anthology feels almost sacrilegious, given the breadth of Aerosmith’s catalog. However, tracks like “Dream On,” “Sweet Emotion,” “Kings and Queens,” “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” and “Living on the Edge” stand out for their iconic status and personal significance.

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Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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