Carlos Cavazo – Guitarist with King Kobra – Ratt – Quiet Riot – Talks to Phil Aston

Carlos Cavazo Guitarist with King Kobra – Ratt – Quiet Riot talks to Phil Aston for the Now Spinning Magazine Podcast.
Carlos talks about the new King Kobra album ‘We Are Warriors’ and his influences and career.

About Carlos Cavazo

Carlos Cavazo, born in Atlanta in 1957 to a Mexican-American heritage. Cavazo began his musical journey in Anaheim with his brother Tony, forming ‘Speed Of Light’ in 1973. This band later evolved into ‘Snow’, gaining traction in the L.A. club scene and releasing an EP in 1980. Cavazo then replaced Randy Rhoads in ‘Quiet Riot’ in 1982, staying until the 2000s. He was notably absent from the 2006 ‘Rehab’ album. Cavazo also co-founded the supergroup ‘3 Legged Dogg’, releasing ‘Frozen Summer’ in 2006, but faced legal troubles in 2019. By 2018, after a decade with ‘Ratt’, Cavazo departed the band and now plays guitar with King Kobra.

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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