Hanoi Rocks: The Days We Spent Underground 1981-1984, 5CD Box Set : Review

Hanoi Rocks: The Days We Spent Underground 1981-1984, 5CD Box Set

Hanoi Rocks: A Journey Through the Career of Finnish Rock Icons
Hanoi Rocks, the Finnish rock icons, have left an indelible mark on the world of rock music. This 5CD collection traces their journey from their early days in the 1980s to their rise to fame, featuring three studio albums, a classic live set from 1984, and the compilation ‘Self Destruction Blues’ filled with classic singles and rarities.

Hanoi Rocks, formed in Helsinki in 1979, was a pioneer in the Finnish rock scene. The band, consisting of singer Michael Monroe, guitarist and songwriter Andy McCoy, guitarist Nasty Suicide, bassist Sam Yaffa, and drummer Gyp Casino, released their debut ‘Bangkok Shocks, Saigon Shakes, Hanoi Rocks’ (CD1) in 1981.

The band’s follow-up, ‘Oriental Beat’ (CD2), was released in 1982. Despite Finland not being recognized as a source of rock and metal artists at the time, Hanoi Rocks found loyal fans in the UK music press and developed a cult following from California to Japan.

‘Self Destruction Blues’ (CD3), released in 1982, was a compilation of singles and B-sides previously only available in Finland. This punk-infused glam and hard rock classic became one of the band’s strongest sets.

By 1983, Hanoi Rocks had relocated to London, inspiring the song ‘Tooting Bec Wreck’ from their next album, ‘Back to Mystery City’ (CD4). This album, produced by Mott The Hoople’s Dale Griffin and Pete “Overend” Watts, featured a more commercial sound than the punk-inspired approach of previous albums. It became a major influence on the hard rock and glam metal scene of the 1980s and was a big inspiration for Guns N’ Roses.

Hanoi Rocks were known for their formidable live performances, as captured on 1984’s ‘All Those Wasted Years’ (CD5), recorded at London’s legendary Marquee Club in December 1983. This 5CD collection is a testament to the band’s influence and legacy in the world of rock music.

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