John Wetton : An Extraordinary Life : 8CD Box Set : Unboxing Review

John Wetton: An Extraordinary Life – A Journey Through His Solo Albums

The Essence of a Musical Journey

Join me a I delve into the world of John Wetton’s music through this special unboxing video and review, I find myself deeply moved. The box set, “John Wetton: An Extraordinary Life,” is not just a collection of his solo albums but a testament to the love and attention to detail that has been poured into preserving his legacy.

This video and review is dedicated to Dylan and Lisa, John’s son and wife, and to all John Wetton fans worldwide. Whether you’re a long-time follower from his days in King Crimson, UK, Asia, or just embarking on a journey of discovery, this box set is a beacon of his musical brilliance.

A Labor of Love

What sets this box set apart is the palpable passion and care evident in every aspect. As I flick through the pages and immerse myself in the music, it’s clear that this is a work of total love and support for John Wetton as an artist.

The box set includes six studio albums, two new bonus discs, and a 64-page book with a foreword by Roger Dean. It’s an LP-sized treasure chest, with each album and track meticulously listed. The dedication to John’s memory and the acknowledgment of his global fanbase add a heartfelt touch.

Opening the box, the first image is a beautiful tribute from John’s son Dylan and his wife Lisa. The book, with its high-quality paper stock and heartfelt introductions, offers an intimate glimpse into John’s life and work. Each album is presented with stunning visuals, insightful overviews, and lyrics that resonate with John’s deep, spiritual, and observational nature.

From “Battle Lines” to “Rock of Faith,” each album unfolds like a chapter in John’s extraordinary life. The collaborations with legends like Robert Fripp, Steve Hackett, and many others, highlight the breadth of his musical journey.

As I reached the end of “Rock of Faith,” I found myself moved to tears. This box set does more than just compile music; it tells a story. It brings us closer to John, his collaborators, and the many lives he touched. It’s a narrative of loss, hope, and the enduring power of music.

This collection transcends the boundaries of a typical box set. It’s a journey through John Wetton’s life, offering a new perspective on his work. The additional tracks, including his collaborations with David Cassidy and Giorgio Moroder, showcase his versatility beyond the realm of progressive rock.

A Tribute Worth Every Penny

Priced at around £89-90, this box set is a bargain for the wealth of content it offers. It’s not just about the music; it’s about the experience of getting to know John Wetton as an artist and a person.

“John Wetton: An Extraordinary Life” is more than a collection of albums; it’s a journey that I highly recommend. It has given me a new outlook on John’s work and will be a cherished part of my collection for a long time. It’s a box set that truly honors the extraordinary life and talent of John Wetton.

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Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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