Landscape a Go Go : The Story of Landscape 1977 – 83 : 5CD Box Set : Review

Landscape a Go Go : The Story of Landscape 1977 – 83 : 5CD Box Set with Book : Review 5CD set containing remastered 84 tracks; 52 tracks are on CD for the first time of which 22 tracks are previously unreleased.

This 5 CD set houses 84 remastered tracks, 52 of which are being featured on CD for the first time, and 22 previously unreleased songs. It’s an all-encompassing compilation featuring expanded versions of the band’s first three albums, along with their initial two EPs, tracks from Landscape 3, and an array of 7-inch edits, 12-inch extended versions, remixes, B-sides, instrumentals, and live tracks.

A visual treat awaits inside as well, with a fully illustrated, 52-page book containing sleeve notes, lyrics, biographies, and a wealth of photographs. The accompanying CDs present a complete chronicle of Landscape’s journey and evolution.

The most well-known album ‘From The Tea Rooms Of Mars… To The Hell Holes Of Uranus’ also finds its place in this collection, with a plethora of bonus tracks. If you’ve ever dismissed Landscape as just the creators of their hit single ‘Einstein A Go-Go’, this set might make you reconsider.

In the late ’70s and early ’80s, my focus was on heavy metal, with Landscape being a peripheral presence, known mostly for their hit single. However, after reading Jonathan Coe’s account of his journey into Landscape’s music, I realized the depth of the band’s offering. Their fusion-filled 33 RPM singles are a delightful revelation.

This is an immersive collection that sheds light on the journey of a band that has been often overlooked. It’s much more than just a time capsule of the band’s history. It’s an ode to the era, the musicians, and the boundless creativity of Landscape.

Kudos to Cooking Vinyl for this release and for their embrace of the humble CD box set. Landscape’s journey, packed within this set, is a testament to their multifaceted talent. It goes to show, never judge a band by one hit, because there’s often so much more to discover.

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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