LED ZEPPELIN IV (LP, 180g clear vinyl) Review

LED ZEPPELIN IV (LP, 180g clear vinyl) Review

LED ZEPPELIN IV (LP, 180g clear vinyl) Atlantic

The record label Atlantic formed in the late 40s and under various guises (ownership, sister labels et al) has been a major player in releasing some of the most important albums in history.
There was a long history of jazz, blues and soul before the label started picking up rock acts in the late 60s. There’s been many a classic by the likes of John Coltrane, Billy Cobham, Ray Charles, Dusty Springfield, Roberta Flack and Willie Nelson. Then a rock act or two, including Yes, Velvet Underground, Genesis, Bad Company and Yes. Then, of course, there’s Led Zeppelin.

As part of the label’s 75th anniversary, many a classic (including more recent releases by the likes of INXS and Phil Collins) are getting a re-release.

Filed under “Every home should have one”, Led Zeppelin’s untitled 4th album was a classic, and always will be. There’s the famous cover of an elderly gentleman with a bundle of sticks on his back, and the album contains the epic classic Stairway To Heaven.

From the opening bars of side one, Black Dog, you get a statement of intent from Robert Plant’s vocals; solid, bright, screaming touches, and the band’s solid blues tinged hard rock. While some elements of the band were loose, they were also tighter than a camel’s bum in a sandstorm .
Then there’s that classic drum riff that opens Rock And Roll, and a hit of boogie and banging piano to the body of the song.
The standout is of course Stairway To Heaven, one of radio’s most played tracks world-wide. If you don’t know this sone, that’d be a mighty big rock you’ve been living under.

The whole album is genre defining, selling millions, it was the band’s fourth consecutive top ten album, third to reach number one.

Now, does this album need another reissue?

It’s been rereleased on LP and CD enough (check out the late 70s purple vinyl LP – nice). Well, yes. Finding a copy of the LP (despite how many millions it shifted) in decent condition is sometimes a job. So the answer is yes.
It’s nicely packaged, an original replica, gatefold and insert, with the barcode on the cellophane wrapping. The music has been remastered by Jimmy Page, and the lovely looking crystal clear vinyl is heavy. 180g stated, but this feels heavy and solid, about twice as much as some of the 80s reissues and foreign pressings I’ve had. Really solid. A poly lined inner to boot, helping retain the pristine sound.

So all in all, wonderful. If you want to rerelease an LP in original replica form, this is how to do it.

Joe Geesin | Now Spinning Magazine

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