Paul Rodgers : Midnight Rose : Album Review

Paul Rodgers Returns with “Midnight Rose”: A Review by Phil Aston of Now Spinning Magazine

Paul Rodgers, the voice behind iconic bands like Free and Bad Company, has graced us with his latest album, “Midnight Rose”, after what feels like an eternity. For those familiar with Now Spinning Magazine, you’ll know that my admiration for Rodgers, especially his work with Free and Bad Company, is profound. His voice, combined with the genius of Kossoff’s guitar, has always resonated deeply with me.

“Midnight Rose” is a concise album, clocking in at just 30 minutes, but it’s packed with the soulful, bluesy rock that Rodgers is renowned for. Some fans have expressed concerns about the album’s brevity, but I believe quality trumps quantity. Many classic albums from yesteryears were just as succinct, and they remain timeless.

The vinyl edition, which I personally opted for, boasts a beautifully designed gatefold sleeve filled with anecdotes, insights, and a glimpse into Rodgers’ inspirations. It’s evident that this album is a reflection of Rodgers’ journey, especially considering his recent focus on health and well-being.

From the get-go, “Coming Home” sets the tone with its rock shuffle and Rodgers’ unmistakable vocals. “Photo Shooter” evokes memories of Bad Company’s “Desolation Angels” era, while the title track, “Midnight Rose”, is a touching ballad adorned with acoustic guitar and strings. “Living It Up” harks back to the “Run with the Pack” days, and “Dancing in the Sun” is a life-affirming ballad that’s sure to uplift your spirits.

The album’s lyrical content is as introspective as it is poetic. Lines like “I close my eyes, I fall on my knees, Almighty God, hear my pleas” from “Midnight Rose” showcase Rodgers’ introspective side, while others like “Look beyond the wonder of the stars, look beyond the wonder of who we are” reflect his philosophical musings.

Interestingly, a recent review by Geoff Barton in Classic Rock Magazine seemed to miss the essence of “Midnight Rose”. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, I believe this album is a testament to where Rodgers is in his life right now. It’s a mature, reflective, and deeply personal body of work.

In conclusion, “Midnight Rose” is a must-have for any fan of Paul Rodgers, Free, Bad Company, or soulful rock in general. Whether you opt for the vinyl or the CD, this album deserves a spot in your collection. I might even snag the CD version as well!

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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