Mannthology : 50 Years of Manfred Mann’s Earth Band 1971 – 2021 : 4CD / 2DVD Unboxing Review

Mannthology : 50 Years of Manfred Mann’s Earth Band 1971 – 2021 : 4CD / 2DVD Unboxing Review
This meticulously curated set comes in three distinct editions:

A 3-CD, 50-track set housed in a clamshell
A 4-CD / 2DVD deluxe set
A 6LP / 2 DVD set with a Manfred Mann’s Earth Band record platter and a paperback version of the booklet.
For this video I am reviewing the 4CD / 2DVD edition.

The motivation behind this ambitious project was to celebrate the band’s 50th anniversary in 2021 while offering fans a unique and extensive look at their remarkable career. With the 40th-anniversary set already covering their albums, the creators sought to provide a different perspective on the band’s legacy.

Unfortunately, a fire at Manfred’s Workhouse studio in September 1988 destroyed the majority of the band’s master tapes, limiting the availability of unreleased tracks or alternate versions. However, this collection focuses on singles, allowing for the inclusion of rare B-sides, location-specific releases, and even some proposed but never issued singles.

Originally conceived as a “50 tracks for 50 years” project, the idea evolved into a comprehensive singles collection, which is now more accessible to fans with the CDs. One challenge in creating the set was sourcing high-quality photos of the band, but thanks to the dedicated fan network, never-before-seen images were unearthed, such as those from a 1971 Sydney concert.

The project, which took over 2.5 years to complete, features contributions from band members, including personal recollections and rare facts about specific tracks. Chris Thompson, in particular, offered invaluable insights.

While the singles may not fully showcase the keyboard prowess of Manfred or the band’s instrumental talents, they do highlight Manfred’s exceptional ability to interpret and adapt other artists’ songs. Of the 66 tracks on the deluxe set, only 13 are written or co-written by Manfred, demonstrating his versatility and creative genius.

This singles collection serves as a perfect companion to the 40th-anniversary set, providing a comprehensive overview of Manfred Mann’s Earth Band’s musical journey. As Manfred turns 83 in October and continues to perform, we eagerly anticipate what the band has in store for their 70th anniversary.

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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Ron Osbourne
Ron Osbourne
1 month ago

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band is the most musically genius act ever thanks to Manfred himself, always with outstanding musicians, vocalists and producers.

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