Rainbow Rising – Classic Album Review and first time reaction from 1976

Rainbow Rising 1976

Please watch the video above for the full review…

I have been asked to do this many times and it follows on from my video about how Robert Plant signed my Rainbow Tour Program and the tribute to Ken Kelly the artist who painted the album cover.

In this video I talk about the what it was like back in 1976 when Rainbow Rising was first released, hearing it for the first time, and the effect it had on me and the anticipation of seeing Rainbow later that year. This is my reaction video as I remember it from the time.

I talk about the original vinyl version, the CD remasters and what version I would recommend and walk you through the tour merch like the badge and tour program.

Rainbow Rising
Ritchie Blackmore, Ronnie James Dio, Cozy Powell, Tony Carey, Jimmy Bain

Tarot Woman, Run With The Wolf, Starstruck, Do You Close Your Eyes, Stargazer, A Light In The Black

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