Rainbow Rising – Classic Album Review and first time reaction from 1976

Rainbow Rising 1976

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I have been asked to do this many times and it follows on from my video about how Robert Plant signed my Rainbow Tour Program and the tribute to Ken Kelly the artist who painted the album cover.

In this video I talk about the what it was like back in 1976 when Rainbow Rising was first released, hearing it for the first time, and the effect it had on me and the anticipation of seeing Rainbow later that year. This is my reaction video as I remember it from the time.

I talk about the original vinyl version, the CD remasters and what version I would recommend and walk you through the tour merch like the badge and tour program.

Rainbow Rising: A Classic Album Review

In the world of music, there are certain albums that transcend time and become legendary. One such album is Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow Rising, released in the summer of 1976. This album holds a special place in the hearts of rock music enthusiasts, and its impact continues to be felt even decades later.  Let’s delve into the significance of Rainbow Rising and explore the profound influence it had on the rock music scene of its time.

Anticipation and Expectations:
Following the release of Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow in 1975, there was immense anticipation surrounding the follow-up album. Fans and critics alike wondered how Blackmore would build upon the success of his first solo venture. The lackluster response to Deep Purple’s Stormbringer and Come Taste the Band albums further heightened expectations for Rainbow Rising. As the album release approached, posters started appearing, teasing fans with the title “Rainbow Rising” and promising a new musical experience.

The Album Unveiled:
In May 1976, Rainbow Rising hit the shelves, and fans eagerly queued up to get their hands on a copy. As the vinyl spun, the album unfolded with a sense of grandeur and anticipation. The opening track, “Tarot Woman,” set the stage with a slow-building synthesizer keyboard solo, creating an atmosphere of rock music that was bound to leave a lasting impression. Ronnie James Dio’s powerful vocals added a new dimension to the music, elevating it to a whole new level.

Side Two and the Epic Journey:
As fans flipped the vinyl to Side Two, they discovered a surprise. Unlike the typical track listing, there were only two songs on this side, indicating something extraordinary lay ahead. The album’s centerpiece, “Stargazer,” greeted listeners with a dark, brooding riff that captivated from the first note. This epic song, with its majestic sound and lyrics about wizards, took listeners on a musical journey like no other. The intricate guitar work of Ritchie Blackmore, accompanied by a symphonic backdrop, created an intense and unforgettable experience.

The Finale:
Following the epic journey of “Stargazer,” Rainbow Rising concluded with “A Light in the Black.” This fast-paced track showcased Blackmore’s guitar prowess and Dio’s commanding vocals. The song blended elements of classical music with the raw energy of rock, resulting in a ferocious and powerful sound. The guitar and keyboard solos intertwined seamlessly, leaving listeners in awe of the musicianship and the sheer force of the music.

The Impact:
Rainbow Rising had a profound impact on the rock music scene of its time. It showcased Ritchie Blackmore’s exceptional talent as a guitarist and composer, solidifying his status as a rock icon. Ronnie James Dio’s powerful vocals and the band’s tight instrumentation elevated the album to new heights. Rainbow Rising demonstrated that rock music could be grand, ambitious, and emotionally charged, captivating listeners with its intensity and depth.

The Legacy:
Decades later, Rainbow Rising continues to be hailed as one of the greatest rock albums of all time. Its influence can be heard in the work of countless artists who were inspired by its epic sound and powerful storytelling. Rainbow Rising stands as a testament to the creative brilliance of Ritchie Blackmore and the exceptional musicianship of the band. For fans of rock music, this album remains a timeless classic that deserves a place in every music collection.

Rainbow Rising is a masterpiece that captures the essence of rock music at its finest. Its epic sound, powerful vocals, and intricate compositions make it an unforgettable listening experience. This album stands as a testament to the creativity and talent of the musicians involved. Rainbow Rising continues to inspire and captivate listeners, leaving an indelible mark on the history of rock music.

Rainbow Rising
Ritchie Blackmore, Ronnie James Dio, Cozy Powell, Tony Carey, Jimmy Bain

Tarot Woman, Run With The Wolf, Starstruck, Do You Close Your Eyes, Stargazer, A Light In The Black

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