Rory Gallagher ‘All Around Man - Live In London’

Rory Gallagher ‘All Around Man – Live In London’ Due July 7th 2023

Introducing “All Around Man – Live In London”: A Rare Treasure from Rory Gallagher’s Dynamic Career

Now Spinning Magazine is thrilled to unveil an extraordinary live album from a previously unexplored chapter of Rory Gallagher’s incredible career. “All Around Man – Live In London” is set for release on July 7th, 2023, and features 23 never-before-heard live tracks showcasing the phenomenal talent of one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

This electrifying double-CD and triple-LP collection captures two nights at the Town & Country Club (now the O2 Forum) in London in December 1990. Pre-orders for this must-have album are available now.

“All Around Man – Live In London” immortalizes the performances that followed the release of Gallagher’s eleventh and tragically final studio album, “Fresh Evidence,” in May 1990. The live album includes riveting renditions of tracks from “Fresh Evidence,” as well as selections from the 1987 “Defender” album and other fan favorites.

Expertly mixed from recently discovered multi-track recordings and mastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, the album cover features a striking painting by Irish graffiti artist Vincent Zara, who has adorned his homeland with Rory’s iconic image.

Continental Op
Heavens Gate
Don’t Start Me Talkin’
Kid Gloves
Mean Disposition
The Loop
Tattoo’d Lady
The King of Zydeco
Out On The Western Plains
Ride On Red, Ride On
Walkin Blues
Empire State Express

Shadow Play
I Wonder Who
Shin Kicker
Middle Name
When My Baby She Left Me
Ghost Blues
Messin’ With The Kid
Keep A Knockin’
Bullfrog Blues
All Around Man

Rory Gallagher’s legendary live performances continue to captivate audiences, and his on-stage persona came alive in a way that resonated with fans worldwide. Some of his most successful albums include live recordings such as “Live! In Europe” and “Irish Tour ’74.” Before the shows featured on “All Around Man – Live In London,” Gallagher dedicated an unprecedented six months to crafting “Fresh Evidence” in the studio, a stark contrast to his typical rapid recording pace. This dedication paid off, as Gallagher’s passion and fervor for live performance are vividly displayed throughout the album, encapsulating the raw energy that made him a legend.

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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1 year ago

Thanks Phil, that’s about to get itself a damned good pre-ordering! My favourite guitarist.

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