Tubular Bells 50th Anniversary Edition Mike Oldfield Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Review

Tubular Bells 50th Anniversary Edition Mike Oldfield Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Review

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This new version of the album is performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with the London Contemporary Voices Choir, conducted by three-time British Composer Of The Year, Simon Dobson, and emceed by award-winning British actor Brian Blessed (Flash Gordon, The Black Adder).

The recording is amazing but the packaging is a real let down with little or no information on who is playing on the album. The other negative for me is Brian Blessed, I normally love Brian in anything he does but he goes a bit over the top here for me and the Caveman part of the album just seems too long and distracting.

Disc: 1
1 Tubular Bells Part 1
2 Tubular Bells Part 2
3 Sailor’s Hornpipe

Disc: 2
1 Ommadawn Part 1
2 Excerpt from Hergest Ridge Part 1
3 Moonlight Shadow

Alternative review below of the live show from a Now Spinning Magazine Subscriber

“I saw it performed at the RAH by this group and can only say that it was one of the most emotional gigs I’ve ever been to. I didn’t know what to expect in terms of tracks or arrangement, thinking it might be tubular bells easy listening, but to hear them start with Ommadawn part 1 performed with both the spirit and the detail reproduced so perfectly, by musicians who were clearly loving what they were playing was a gift from above. As soon as it started I realized it was going to be a very special night. Live, the caveman section was bonkers and entertaining! You can find clips of the three performances on this site. Perhaps the CD was rushed out to be on sale at the tour as the recording must have been done just before it started.” Martin

Conducting, arranging: Simon Dobson
Vocals on Moonlight Shadow: Ella Shaw
Voices: London Contemporary Voices
Main Mike duties: Pete Callard (from Shpongle)
Support guitars: John Gregson, Justin Quinn
Bass: Andy Pask
Piano and keys: Neil Angilley, Matt Greaves
Percussion: Kevin Earley, Tom Edwards, Matt Senior

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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