Blondie : Against The Odds : 1974 to 1982 : 8CD Box Set : Unboxing Review

Blondie : Against The Odds : 1974 to 1982 : 8CD Box Set
Full review and unboxing so you can see what you get for your money

Please watch the video above for the full review.

In the box

  • 6 x Classic Blondie Albums with copious bonus tracks
  • 2 x Bonus Cds with Demos, alternative takes etc
  • A stunning 128 Page Hardback book with track by track commentary from the band.

One of my favourite box sets of 2022 – Phil Aston

“Definitive” is exactly right, Phil. This is the gold standard of what a box set can be. They did EVERYTHING right on this one. Clearly a work of love. No mix and matching that forces CD fans to purchase vinyl they don’t want or vice-versa. They even put out a version with just the new stuff so those who already had the albums weren’t forced to pay for them all over again. Absolutely superb set. Thanks for reviewing it”. Ian

“This set is phenomenal, I paid just under £75 for it, it’s worth every penny, beautifully put together, informative, classy, the remastering is superb, bonus tracks galore and the story of the recordings told by the band themselves, my Box Set of the year, for me it is now the set I measure all future releases against, whoever oversaw this needs to be in charge of all important reissues from now on! The Pink Floyd DSOTM reissue is the other end of the scale, they need to be sacked!” Chris

“This was my box set of the year last year and I went for the uber set and yes it was pricey but we shall never see it again from this iconic band- everything was perfect- when you look at the recent trend of one album deluxe sets costing a fortune- then this was very fairly priced for the content that we got. People should gab it while they can!” Snowy

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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