Chart Watch – New Release News – Music Biz Chat (The Inner Sleeve Debate) Ep27

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  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:51 UK Album Charts – Number 1 CD/ Vinyl Sales
  • 03:32 New Release News
  • 08:59 Music Biz Chat – The Inner Sleeve Debate

In this week’s episode – Why do so many new vinyl releases come with cheap paper inner sleeves?

I am getting more and more messages, emails and comments about the affect these are having with vinyl albums.
Paper dust, scratches, pops and clicks, static problems. Most of these can be eradicated by cleaning the the vinyl or buying a polylined inner sleeve, but why should you have to?

Vinyl albums are luxury products, the advertising blurb states, what care and attention has gone into the release, gatefold sleeves, 180gm vinyl, even signed but this the whole thing is let done by these cheap inner sleeves.

This week we start a campaign to have polylined inner sleeves supplied as standard and ideally a move towards ‘anti static archival sleeves which could actually be part of the actually advertising blurb!
Let me me know what you think in the comments or get in touch via email or messenger and I will start to compile your thoughts.

UK Album Charts Gorillaz – Cracker Island –
Number 1 Total Sales = 22,440 units
4,895 CDs,
11,449 12-inch vinyl albums,
268 seven inch vinyl albums,
1,264 cassettes, 1
232 digital downloads
3,332 sales-equivalent streams).

New Releases – Hawkwind – UFO – Alan Parsons – Rush

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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